September 7, 2011

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Give "SmoKe and SaLt" to your family members, your friends, your spiritual director this holiday season!

Perhaps give all four issues to someone who is shut-in or who might be recovering from illness.

They would be great for book club members? Or why not start your own book club using “SmoKe and SaLt”? Study Guides are available at no extra charge!

Why not give this literary art journal as a hostess or thank you gift?

Or why not buy them for yourself!

A limited number of back issues are still available.

Issue 1 Understandings of the Mystical Sacred

Issue 2 Imaging the Mystical Sacred

Issue 3 Eco-Spirituality

Issue 4 Imaging Your Sacred Identity

For this limited special offer these back issues SEPARATELY are ONLY $8.00 each Canadian, postage is extra.

Issues 1-4 ALL TOGETHER for this limited time are ONLY $30.00 Canadian, postage is extra.

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July 6, 2009

This Issue: "Our Sacred Identity"
$10.00 Canadian Funds
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June 19, 2009

DEADLINE for "SmoKe and SaLt" FALL '09 Issue - "Wilderness" AUGUST 15, 2009
Where does YOUR soul go to when it is in the "wilderness"? What does the wilderness - feel like, look like and sound like; in poetry, prose, art and photography, for you? The email deadline for the "SmoKe and SaLt" Fall '09 Issue: "Wilderness", is August 15, 2009. We regret that we cannot return your submission. Please send ONLY COPIES of your artwork. If you are submitting digital photos (of your artwork or your photography) please make sure you have the highest resolution of digital photo so that the reproduction in the issue does justice to your work. If your submission is accepted you will be notified by email on - or before -September 8, 2009. Thank you very much for your interest.
SmoKe and SaLt SPRING '09
Stuart Beaudoin
Inger Lauritsen
Patricia Ono
Erin Reid
Denyse Srre
Kevin Shin
Olivia Shin
Trish Soave
SmoKe and SaLt WINTER '09
Imaging the Mystical Sacred
Robert Colman
Kristi Cross
Mark Godin
Nicole Shon
Indira Stinton
Judson Stinton
Alana M. Vincent
James Wentworth
SmoKe and SaLt FALL '08
Understandings of the Mystical Sacred
Janet Ryu-Chan
Mark Godin
Don Shields
Cailea Shin
Alana M. Vincent

June 4, 2009

"Days Road Writer's Workshops"

Link to Allyson Latta's blog, "Days Road Writer's Workshops" for a shout-out for

Cheryl Andrew's upcoming contribution in our

SmoKe and SaLt: Summer Issue - Our Sacred Identity,

with her poem, "The Frayed Map".

Thank you Allyson and Cheryl.

April 17, 2009

SRING '09 Issue - Eco-Spirituality!
Canadians find a deep spirituality in nature. The Group of Seven painters captured this profound connection in iconic and mystical landscapes. This issue of SmoKe and SaLt is informed by each of our contributing artists' understanding of the Infinite Sacred in nature and the cosmos. As you meditate on these images of the reflections of the Holy Other, allow the mystery to be fully present in you.
Order your copies today!
From a subscriber
"I consider the first two issues I have in my possession valued works of art. Just looking at them on my desk gives me a sense that I am a sophisticated kind of guy. Actually opening them and absorbing the contents opens me up to wonder. I have dipped into them from time to time - and always come away refreshed - my spirit lifted to the surface again... Your books are like an umbrella in a storm."
Stuart Beaudoin
Vivian Carter
Inger Lauritsen
Patricia Ono
Erin Reid
Denyse Serre
Kevin Shin
Olivia Shin
Trish Soave
A Limited Edition of ONLY 100 copies!
$10.00 CDN per copy plus postage and handling. Order yours NOW!!
Reviews of SmoKe and SaLt:
Monica writes:
"I felt that it connected me to a ready-made community of sacred-aware art makers. The very existence of that journal I find a very hopeful sign."
Indira writes:
"This journal is pretty cool if you're into artsy stuff or just into contemplating the wonder and awe of the universe - all that is sacred."